Our wordpress management service keeps your website up to date & secure.

So, you already have a WordPress website, either made by a developer who is now lost in space or as your proud DIY project.  You probably already found out that keeping your site effective, secure and optimized over time requires a continuous effort. And you don't want to worry about it.

No worries! We are here for you.

We will spend 1-2 hours per month to make sure that your website is performing at its best.


  • Initial Security & Optimization Audit

    When you sign up we will perform a security and optimization audit and make suggestions on how your website can be improved.  In that way we will ensure that our management service starts on solid ground.

  • Remote Updates

    When we deem appropriate, we will update the WordPress Core, your plugins and themes to their latest versions.  Through our Management Plugin we will be able to do these updates remotely.

  • Performance

    We will perform regular Database optimization and performance checks to keep your website in optimized condition and the database healthy.

  • Security

    We take preventive steps to keep your site secure from emerging security threats that can harm your site’s and emails’ reputation. 

    We perform daily scans for Malware and Viruses, and pro-actively monitor file changes that could allow a security breach.

  • Off-site Daily Backups

    Your website and database are backed-up daily to servers on separate data-centers to ensure that are always safe.  We even keep your daily backups for 30 days just in case we need to go back.